The new waste system hasn’t even started, but it’s already being heavily criticized

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Associations dealing with paper-based packaging materials are demanding more and more loudly that the European Commission does not introduce new regulations in the field of recycling packaging materials. According to them, the advantage of the current system is that the industry player is encouraged to reduce the use of packaging materials and to strengthen reuse and recycling. They highlight the high recycling rate of corrugated packaging, which in some areas reaches 90% and even approaches 100%. Environmental protection organizations, on the other hand, support the Commission’s new program aimed at supporting reusable packaging, emphasizing their better environmental performance and potential in dealing with the problem of littering.

However, there are concerns about the difficulty of compliance and associated costs, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Businesses are asking for certainty and predictability in regulation to avoid a trial and error approach that could have a negative impact on their operations. The recently published report of the European Court of Auditors highlights that EU member states are making slow progress in transitioning to a circular economy, and according to the analysis, stronger action is needed in the area of ​​waste reduction, writes the Euractiv.

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Overall, the proposal for a regulation on packaging and packaging waste faces resistance from business interest groups, while environmentalists support the promotion of reusable packaging. Balancing the needs of businesses and environmental objectives will be crucial during the finalization of the regulation in order to ensure efficient waste management. And the European Commission itself stands by its new draft proposal.

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