The new proposal failed, chaos is getting closer in America

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It is increasingly certain that the US government will shut down from Sunday after reaching the spending limit. On Friday, Republican congressmen rejected the latest proposal, which would have bridged the problem by the end of October. On Sunday, US time, government agencies will stop operating at zero o’clock if Congress does not find a solution by then, which even President Joe Biden approves. In the United States, the same thing is “played” every few years, when the government’s spending ceiling has to be raised, and there is time for this until Sunday.

Democrat Biden’s office also blames Republicans for the lack of an agreement, according to the White House, it is unacceptable that public employees will not be paid from Monday due to political battles. Otherwise, the Republican proposal probably would not have passed the Senate and the president with a Democratic majority anyway.

American government agencies already started preparing their employees for the shutdown on Friday, and President Biden canceled his weekend programs, so he will stay in Washington.

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