The momentum is running out, the stock markets have started to turn around

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I’m running out of momentum

Although a usually optimistic temper may nonetheless be seen on the European stock markets after the opening, in the direction of the finish of the morning the main indices started to turn around, amongst the main benchmarks, the German DAX, for instance, is already in the purple. The Stoxxx index, which covers the area, nonetheless, nonetheless reveals a minimal enhance of 0.1 p.c.


The environment is good in Europe

The day started with an increase on the European stock markets, the DAX went up by 0.3 p.c, whereas the CAC rose by 0.5 p.c and the FTSE 100 strengthened by 0.9 p.c. The Milan stock alternate additionally rose by 0.6 p.c, whereas the Spanish stock market rose by 0.4 p.c.


There could also be an increase

What are the present occasions on the stock exchanges?

  • The main American stock indexes closed yesterday with a fall, the Dow Jones completed the day down 0.7 p.c, the S&P 500 was down 0.3 p.c, whereas the Nasdaq closed down 0.2 p.c.
  • Asian stock markets are displaying a bullish temper this morning, the Nikkei is down 0.76 p.c, the Hang Seng is up 4 p.c, whereas the Shanghai Stock Exchange rose 3.1 p.c.
  • The European stock markets might open in a superb temper, primarily based on the future stock indices, the DAX might rise by 0.4 p.c, the CAC might rise by 0.3 p.c, whereas the FTSE might open with a rise of 0.03 p.c.
  • A blended opening is anticipated on the American stock exchanges primarily based on the present place of the future stock indices. The Dow Jones might fall 0.06 p.c, the S&P 500 might rise 0.04 p.c, whereas the Nasdaq might rise 0.2 p.c.

What will be anticipated on the macro entrance?

This morning, the December information of business and retail commerce will come house, with which we will additionally get an concept of ​​the financial outlook for the fourth quarter. In the meantime, recent information on manufacturing facility orders is coming in from Germany, which can additionally have an effect on the Hungarian financial system.

February 5-11, 2024 macro calendar
Hungarian macroeconomics
February5.Monday8:30 a.mKSHForeign commerce (preliminary)Dec.
February6.Tuesday8:30 a.mKSHIndustry (preview)Dec.
February6.Tuesday8:30 a.mKSHRetail commerceDec.
February6.Tuesday11:30 a.mAKK3-month dkj public sale
February7.Wednesday8:30 a.mMNBInternational reservesJan.
February7.Wednesday8:30 a.mMNBSecurities statisticsDec.
February8.Thursday11:00 a.mPMPreliminary reportJan.
February8.Thursday11:30 a.mAKKBond public sale
February9.Friday8:30 a.mKSHInflationJan.
International macroeconomics
January5.Monday8:00 a.mGerman.Foreign commerceDec.
January5.Monday3:45 p.mUSAS&P Purchasing Managers IndexJan.
January5.Monday4:00 p.mUSAISM supplier buying supervisor indexJan.
January6.Tuesday8:00 a.mGerman.Factory ordersDec.
January7.Wednesday8:00 a.mGerman.IndustryDec.
January7.Wednesday2:30 p.mUSAForeign commerceDec.
January8.Thursday2:30 a.mChinaInflationJan.
January9.Friday8:00 a.mGerman.InflationJan.
Source: Portfolio assortment

What has occurred on the stock markets thus far?

  • Among the main American, Asian, European and regional stock indexes this yr, the Nikkei index is at the high with an 8.6 p.c shift, whereas the Hang Seng index is the driving pressure with a 9.0 p.c fall.
  • Magyar Telekom’s share carried out the greatest amongst home blue chips this yr with a 15.4 p.c enhance, adopted by Mol’s paper with a 2.2 p.c enhance.
  • Among the most essential uncooked supplies, the worth of WTI has risen by 1.8 p.c since the starting of the yr.
More essential devices
Exchange feeOne day1 week1 monthThis yr1 yr5 years
US stock indices
Dow Jones38,380.12-0.7%0.1%2.4%1.8%13.1%51.0%
S&P 5004,942.81-0.3%0.3%5.2%3.6%19.5%80.5%
Asian stock indices
Hang Seng15,510.01-0.2%-3.5%-6.2%-9.0%-28.4%-44.6%
CSI 3003,200.420.7%-3.1%-3.9%-6.7%-22.7%-1.4%
European stock indices
FTSE MIB30,952.790.8%2.4%1.7%2.0%14.8%56.1%
Regional stock indices
Hungarian blue chips
Magyar Telekom7871.3%4.0%14.9%15.4%109.3%67.8%
Raw supplies
Foreign currencies
Government papers
10-year US Treasury yield4.163.3%2.2%2.8%7.6%17.8%53.9%
10-year German authorities bond yield2.294.4%3.8%8.8%14.7%6.3%1,281.3%
10-year Hungarian authorities bond yield6.255.9%-2.0%0.0%5.4%-20.1%124.8%
Source: Refinitiv, Portfolio

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