The man detained in the Norberg case denies

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The man arrested on suspicion of rape and attempted murder in the Norberg case was arrested. Photographic archives. Photo: JRCC Air and Sea Rescue Center of the Swedish Maritime Administration

A man in his forties was arrested on charges of rape and attempted murder after a woman was found in a mine in Norberg.

Both prosecutors and defense lawyers are silent on the findings of the investigation.

– It was pretty predictable, it’s very easy to get arrested and it doesn’t take much, the man’s defense attorney Maria Wilhelmsson tells TT.

The man, arrested for probable cause, denies any wrongdoing on both counts.

– He filed a brief, but for reasons of investigation I do not want to go into the merits because the parties have different opinions on what happened.

Nor does Chamber Attorney Ann-Sofie Trossing want to comment on what the suspect said during the interrogation.

– Deny the crime, closer to what he said and how he denies the crime, I do not want to enter.

Found last Friday

On Friday, rescuers were alerted to the pit after a passer-by heard screams. Once there, the rescue personnel were able to confirm that there was a woman in the hole about 25 meters deep.

A rescue helicopter from the Swedish Maritime Administration was used to pick it up. She was then flown to the hospital by helicopter. She was then conscious, but she was in severe pain.

It’s unclear what the injury situation is for her at the moment, but she was able to be heard, according to Ann-Sofie Trossing.

It is also unclear how long the woman was stuck in the mine pit. The man was arrested and held on Monday.

TT: How did you react to the arrest decision?

– He is still quite collected, I had prepared that most likely you will be arrested, this is how it looks, says Maria Wilhelmsson.

Declared free

According to information from RockedBuzz, the woman is the victim of the crimes after saying no to marriage with the man.

– I have no comment on the circumstances, says Ann-Sofie Trossing.

With the detention decision, the prosecutor has two weeks to decide whether the man should be remanded in custody or released.

– Now we will have some peace of mind and we can continue the investigation. I don’t want to comment on exactly what steps we will take, but in general it can be said that it involves holding interrogations, gathering technical evidence and analyzing what comes in different forms, says Ann-Sofie Trossing.


Published: April 26, 2022 at 15.18

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