The M2 MacBook Pro teardown reveals few changes but some interesting changes

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iFixit has released its traditional commentary and video of his M2 Pro 14-inch MacBook Pro teardown, and for the most part, the inside of the new laptop is similar to that of the MacBook Pro M1Pro. However, there are some notable changes that iFixit concludes are the result of supply chain challenges that have plagued the industry due to the ongoing pandemic and other issues.

The first big change is that the heat sink for the M2 Pro is smaller than the one for the M1 Pro. The reason for the smaller heat sink seems to be due to the second big change: Apple uses 4GB RAM modules in the M2 Pro laptop instead of 8 GB modules in the M1 Pro. iFixit detects that the 4 GB modules, also used in the MacBook Air M2+Logic+Board+and+Chip+Identification/151816&xcust=1-1-1487868-1-0-0&sref=, are likely the result of supply chain issues.

The third big change is that Apple is using larger modules for the laptop’s SSD. Instead of 128GB modules, Apple uses 256GB ones. How we noticed last weeklarger modules result in fewer data channels that can be used in parallel, which results in slower performance, although most people don’t notice this in day-to-day use.

According to Dylan Patel, lead analyst at SemiAnalysis, who spoke to iFixit, 128GB modules are being “phased out” as the industry moves toward larger NAND die densities. iFixit speculates that the change could push Apple down from 1TB instead of 512GB in future MacBook Pro models.

iFixit is known for their teardowns, but this time they used the M1 Pro MacBook Pro Self-Service Repair Manual and they found that that manual can be used smoothly for M2 Pro MacBook Pro. That’s no surprise, since the design of the laptop hasn’t changed. And while the manual is lengthy, iFixit says it “sets you up for success,” but points out that there’s still the issue of Apple’s locking parts and inability to use third-party parts for a repair.

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