The leader of the Wagner group sent a veiled threat to Russia

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According to a report by Yahoo News, while in yesterday’s video Prigozhin boasted that his mercenary team was on the verge of victory in Bahmut, in his message on Sunday he hinted that there would be bloody consequences for Russia if his men withdrew from the besieged city now.

If Wagner retreats from Bahmut now, the whole front will collapse

– he voiced. “The situation will be unpleasant for all military formations protecting Russia’s interests,” he added, predicting that in this case the Russian army “will be forced to stabilize the front.” He also said that in the meantime “Crimea will fall” and ” many other cataclysms” may occur.

He also talks about a shortage of ammunition and quotes his soldiers, who assume that it can all be traced back to the Ministry of Defense. Prigozhin repeatedly described his soldiers as the “cement” that holds together the entire war machine from the Russian side.

Some interpret the video message as a kind of ultimatum to the decision-makers of the Ministry of Defense to send the Wagner group the help that Prigozhin has repeatedly requested as soon as possible.

The recording with English subtitles is now available on Twitter:

Cover photo: Prigozhin in Sochi in 2017. Source: Stringer/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

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