The Kremlin declared: this is how Wagner’s withdrawal affected Russia’s combat capability

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There will be no need for any further mobilization waves. The Russian president clearly, understandably and concretely stated that there will be no new mobilization, the recruitment of contract soldiers is proceeding as planned, as well as the planned creation of formations and units, including reservists and their training. There is no need for mobilization at the moment and in the near future

– emphasized Kartapolov, speaking to the Russian state news agency TASSSZ.

He also noted that today “neither in the medium nor in the long term is there a threat of a decrease in combat capabilities”. He added that Wagner’s employees “were not on the front line, they were all in camps” at the time of the attempted mutiny. Kartapolov said that the repulse of the attack of the Ukrainian army took place practically without their participation.

As for the departed Wagner forces, there is what and who to replace them with, explained the representative.

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