The IAEA declared: this was found at the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhzhya

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On Tuesday, Russia accused Ukraine of planning to launch an artillery attack on Europe’s largest operating nuclear power plant. however, according to the Ukrainian side, it was Moscow that placed explosives on top of the two reactor blocks of the power plantor in cooling pools storing used heating elements.

Fortunately, Tuesday’s explosion was ultimately avoided, but since then, Kiev has stuck to the position that the Russians will blow up the power plant in order to capture it for Ukrainian artillery. They are trying to prove their truth with a satellite image, which shows that strange white “packages” have appeared on top of one of the reactor blocks.

The president of the IAEA, Rafael Grossi, stated in Tokyo that the inspection of the building had begun, and that no traces of explosives were found in the vicinity of the cooling pools. At the same time, he admitted that they have not yet reached the roof of the building, as it takes time to get permission to do so in an “active war zone”.

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