The hospital in Gaza is overwhelmed, with 60% of the victims being women and children

Adriana Lima
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origin 1A young Palestinian wounded in Israeli attacks is treated at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, Friday, Oct. 13, 2023. ©Ali Mahmoud/Copyright 2023 The AP. All rights reserved.

Amid international calls for safe humanitarian corridors out of Gaza ahead of an expected ground assault by Israel, a Red Crescent doctor says Israeli soldiers are targeting Palestinian ambulance crews.

Dr Bashar Murad, director of the Red Crescent, said three ambulance workers died in a guided missile attack in northern Gaza on Thursday, while a fourth paramedic was shot dead on Friday.

“Today’s second attack occurred in the eastern part of Gaza City, although we had obtained coordination from the Red Cross to evacuate people, we were surprised by Israeli sniper fire,” Dr. Murad said.

Ambulances are picking up the wounded from Israeli shelling and taking them to Al-Shifa, a hospital that has run out of beds for patients in its wards and space for the dead in its morgue. The corpses are packaged and stored outside.

Gaza’s health authority said 60% of those killed and injured were women and children.

Shocked ambulance worker Muhammad Al-Louh said: “What did these children who were sleeping in their homes do to them? So the whole world knows that we will remain on this earth. This is the land of our children. Let this crime end.”

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