The heat wave is over in Europe

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This is how the weather works in Europe

The weather in the Mediterranean region is shaped by anticyclonic effects, so the weather there is warm, sunny and generally uneventful, with showers and thunderstorms occurring only in a few places. At the same time, it is moderately warm, with peak values ​​above 30 degrees occurring only in the southernmost regions and along the Aegean Sea.

Meanwhile, several cyclones can be observed in the northern parts of Europe, the weather is rainy in many places along their fronts, and in the northern countries the air warms up to only around 20 degrees in the afternoon, but in the northern half of the Scandinavian peninsula the maximum does not even reach 15 degrees.

Until Sunday evening, the weather in the Carpathian basin will be shaped first by the southern anticyclone, and then by the cold front arriving at its edge.

The domestic situation

On Saturday, we can expect mostly sunny weather without precipitation, but there will be more cumulus clouds mainly in the northeastern regions, and there may be showers and thunderstorms in places. In the evening, the sky will clear, but from early dawn, the clouds will gradually increase from the north, and in the northern half of the country, scattered showers and thunderstorms may form, and there is a chance of an intense cell.

Cloudier weather is expected in the first half of the day on Sunday, and then the sun may shine for a longer period in the afternoon. All in all, showers, thunderstorms, and a few more intense thunderstorms are likely in several places, and the number of precipitation sources will decrease rapidly in the evening. On Sunday, the northerly wind will pick up over a large area, and there may be strong or gusty gusts around thunderstorms.

The lowest night temperature is between 13 and 19 degrees. The highest daytime temperature on Sunday is likely to be between 20 and 27 degrees.

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