The government’s latest weapon in the shop is popular, with millions of downloads

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At present, six retail chains, in about 1,200 stores, have prices for more than 60 product groups are found in the price monitoring system available at

With the help of the price monitor, anyone can easily compare the prices of the products at different retailers, so customers can find the best offers and opportunities – they write in the announcement. The companies providing the data update the prices of individual products daily and visibly react to each other.

The national competition authority and the working group cooperating in the development of the site – whose members are the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Agriculture – are waiting for applications from retailers who wish to voluntarily join the system. For this a on the GVH website detailed information can be found.

In addition, the GVH and the working group is already working on the further development of the price monitoring system. In the future, among other things, it can be compiled and saved freely shopping list and calculator will also help consumers and will be developed in accordance with user needs display on a smartphoneand the service map function too.

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