The German DAX index jumped to an all-time high

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The DAX’s slide came after Japan’s Nikkei225 index jumped to a 33-year high amid a weakening yen.


As you can see in the figure below: in the last two days, the DAX index, which includes 40 leading German companies, fluctuated from the level of 16,000 points and reached an intraday historical high near 16,300 points, and then closed there. The expectation that the debates surrounding the US debt ceiling would be settled may have helped in this, although the news came just after the German market closed that the negotiations on raising the ceiling had stopped.


The French CAC30 index is also currently hovering near a historical peak.


As a result, the most important American stock index, the S&P500, fell from a slight plus to a slight minus, and as we can see: its level of around 4,200 points is still far from the historical peak reached at the beginning of last year.


In the case of the Hungarian stock index, BUX, we are still far from being able to talk about a historical peak, since the index rose by only half a percent to around 46,500 points, despite the good performance of OTP today – also due to the promise to eliminate extra profit taxes. At the same time, we are a hair’s breadth away from talking about a new one-year peak for BUX.


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