The extreme weather that has been going on for weeks is causing huge problems in China

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The heavy rains, the heat and the recent hail caused damage to the region’s infrastructure and crops, but also pose a serious threat to livestock. The extreme weather is also a cause for concern in terms of climate change, and according to previous reports, it will be discussed during the upcoming visit to China by US Climate Commissioner John Kerry.

According to the Chinese state content provider CGTN, rescue teams have been trying to rescue people and farm animals in the southern part of the country since Friday due to floods and landslides caused by heavy rainfall.

It is located in the southwest of Sichuan province

a landslide killed several people last week.

Cars were swept away by the intense rains affecting some parts of the Jünnan province over the weekend.

The rain-soaked Xiangxi prefecture of southern Hunan province is about It suffered an economic loss of $79 millionmore than 95,000 people were harmed, nearly 6,700 hectares of crops were partially or completely lost – the Chinese disaster management agency announced in its statement.

According to meteorological forecasts, extreme weather will continue in China in the coming days.

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