The country that regularly threatens nuclear weapons is afraid of a nuclear threat to Ukraine

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Volodymyr Zelensky On Thursday, an online petition was published on the Ukrainian president’s website, which asks whether American nuclear weapons should be installed on Ukrainian territory, or whether Ukraine should be made a country with nuclear weapons.

The petition was uploaded to the presidential website after Vladimir Putin Russian head of state announced the installation of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus.

The petition in 90 days a total of 25,000 people should sign itand if that happens, Zelensky will have to give an official answer to the question.

Like Russian TASS news agency noted that similar petitions have regularly appeared on the Ukrainian presidential website since 2015, but the number of supporters has so far not reached the level that the head of state should have responded to.

By Saturday afternoon, only 611 people had signed the current petition. Ukrainian officials have not yet commented on the initiative.

According to Kim Jojong, the petition may be a conspiracy of the Ukrainian presidential office, but he did not provide any evidence for his words.

North Korea lately spectacularly sided with Russiaaccording to information, allegedly supports or intends to support Moscow with weapons.

The comments of the North Korean dictator’s sister are at least interesting in light of the fact that Kim Jong-un on Monday gave instructions to officials and scientists at a state nuclear weapons institute regarding the increase of the country’s nuclear weapons arsenal, emphasizing that the goal is to expand the nuclear arsenal “exponentially” and in order to achieve this, speed up the production of the fuel needed to make the bombs.

North Korea regularly conducts tests with weapons capable of carrying nuclear charges.

Front page photo: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visits the Nuclear Weapons Institute in Pyongyang on March 27, 2023, in a photo published by the North Korean state news agency (KCNA). MTI/EPA/KCNA/KCNA

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