The Corrosive Impact of Unconditional US Support for Israel

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A former peace negotiator on why the United States not standing as much as Israel has been “about the worst thing America could have done.”

Last week, a BBC anchor requested former Israeli peace negotiator Daniel Levy about Israel’s rationale for its devastating siege on Gaza, saying that the “Israelis would say, well look, we are defending ourselves.” Levy’s response rapidly went viral.

“Do you really keep a straight face when you say that?” he requested. “Do you think terrorist organizations embedded in populations who are denied their most basic rights are ended once and for all in a military campaign? Does that happen in history?”

Levy, who relies in London, is at the moment the president of the U.S./Middle East Project. He beforehand served as an Israeli peace negotiator in the course of the Oslo B talks underneath Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and the Taba peace talks underneath Prime Minister Ehud Barak. Since the October 7 assault by Hamas, which claimed the lives of greater than 1,300 individuals in Israel, Levy has been vocal concerning the response of the Israeli state and the demise it’s inflicting in Gaza.

In an op-ed printed by the Irish Times final weekend, Levy and human rights lawyer Zaha Hassan burdened three factors: Hamas’ assault on Israeli civilians was unconscionable; Israel’s collective punishment of individuals in Gaza—notably the reducing off of water, meals, and electrical energy—was as effectively; and that “one must address the context of occupation and apartheid in which this is unfolding.” Without that broader view, they wrote it’s not doable “to maintain integrity and be able to plot a strategy going forward in which both Palestinians and Israelis can live in freedom and security.”

Levy and I spoke on Monday night simply earlier than it was confirmed that President Joe Biden can be visiting Israel on Wednesday. The interview has been edited for size and readability.

You mentioned final week that it regarded like Israel was committing premeditated conflict crimes. Where do you stand on that now?

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