The cogs are turning again

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According to the company, during the winter shutdown several hundred meters of track were replaced, and new detours were built at the Orgonás stop. In recent months, urgent maintenance work has also been carried out, which is essential for the reliable operation of the gear train, they wrote.

The BKK confirmed its previous announcement that thanks to the work done so far trains can run more quietly than before.

On weekdays, the cogwheel will run according to the previously valid schedulein addition to early morning and late night, the so-called introduced last year will continue “Telefang” system, the essence of which is that the flight operates in the early hours of the morning and in the late evening hours only when and on the section that those intending to travel have pre-ordered.

According to the BKK, thanks to this, a significant amount of energy can be saved, the noise load in the area is reduced and the trains do not disturb the people living next to the line in the morning and late at night.

On weekends, the trains will run every 15 minutes during the day between Városmajor and Széchenyi-hegy, but if the increased traffic justifies this, BKK will increase the number of flights, they wrote.

On weekends and public holidays, transport according to prior request is valid until 8:30 in the morning and after 10:00 in the evening.

Front page image: Cog train at the Városmajor terminus, after the cog railway starts running again on April 1, 2023 after the winter shutdown. MTI/Péter Lakatos

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