The Bulgarian parliament rejected the idea of ​​postponing the introduction of the euro

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In a controversial decision, the Bulgarian parliament rejected the proposal by the far-right party Vashrazhdane (Rebirth) referendum aimed at postponing the introduction of the euro it would have been. 98 deputies voted against the referendum, 68 supported it, and 46 abstained.

The aim of the referendum was to keep the Bulgarian leva as the national currency until 2043. However, Bulgaria’s new pro-Western government plans to join the Eurozone by 2025. The country has been a member of the European Union since 2007.

Bulgaria was originally scheduled to adopt the euro in 2024. However, due to last year’s 15.3% inflation, they decided to postpone the transition in February. Despite the delay, Újászúltés continues to oppose the introduction of the euro.

Following the rejection of their proposal, Újjaszuletés now wants to review this decision with the Constitutional Court. The pro-Western faction defended the rejection of the referendum by referring to Bulgaria’s EU accession treaty. They explained that since it is an international treaty, it is exempt from referendum.

Source: Reuters

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