The Brittany Show actress admits she “still faces challenges” in her life

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Britain Snow she may be in the public eye, but she’s just like the rest of us when it comes to understand things.

THE Pitch perfect star, together with his friend Jasper Guestrecently published September lettersa book of letters people write where they share their experiences, inspired by Snow’s journey to recovery.

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“I definitely still face challenges. In the last year I went through probably the hardest mental health challenge I’ve ever faced. In one day, within a few hours, my life completely turned upside down. I was blindsided and everything I thought I knew, held sacred, and truly trusted in my life was completely different. A couple days later my grandmother died and I think everything I knew about mental health was tested. Thank God for my friends. I don’t know if I would have made it without them. They reminded me of who I was and the things I stood for. I used all the tools I knew. All of them,” the 37-year-old star said hustle in an interview, apparently referring to his separation from Tyler Stanland.

Since the breakup in September 2022, Snow has remained silent about what she’s been through.

“There’s this kind of self-protection mechanism that happens to me when I’m not ready [or] I do not have it enough perspective About something [and] it’s hard to talk about it. I think it’s maybe a healthy thing, but there are some things that I’ve been really vocal about that I’m glad I shared, but I also feel turned into salacious nonsense,” she said. She doesn’t always share things with her fans. “I don’t it was used in the right way, and that made me really sad and felt a little bit misunderstood. There are just some things that are still seen as vain or misunderstood or seeking attention. I talk a lot about mental health and depression and anxiety and eating disorder awareness, yet I have a photoshoot where I’m like, I really like this photo, I think I look good, [but] it is something that could trigger someone. And then I feel terrible about it.”

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But she hopes that with her new book, she can help others with whatever problems they may be facing.

“Sometimes sending a letter is more for you than for the other person,” the shared actress. “Self-care and the act of writing it is just as important as who receives it.”

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