The British Museum explores the personal stories of Roman soldiers in a blockbuster new exhibition

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origin 1The British Museum’s new exhibition delves into the life of the Roman military ©Credit: British Museum

From stone engravings to the iron helmets, a new profitable exhibition at British Museum“Legion: Life in the Roman Army,” explores what it meant to be a soldier serving in one of the most elite preventing forces of all time.

Featuring over 200 uncommon artifacts, together with loans from 28 lenders, the exhibition goes past the typical narrative of a Roman conflict machine, shedding gentle as an alternative on the personal stories of actual soldiers.

Visitors can uncover first-hand testimonies from Terenziano, a recruit of Egyptwho recounted his experiences by means of letters that documented his survival, in addition to a Roman soldier, believed to be one of the sailors underneath the command of Pliny the Elder, who was trapped in the eruption of Vesuvius whereas attempting to assist the residents escape.

Carolina Rangel de Lima, curator of the exhibition, explains that the exhibition transcends “the story of the nice man with whom we frequently encounter Roman archaeology – about emperors and nice battles – and actually specializing in the personal stories of the soldiers who served in the military.”

The exhibition displays the day by day actuality of navy life, from the tents they lived in to the video games they performed to beat back boredom.

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What’s on show at the exhibition?

origin 1Display displaying the final intact Roman scutum (protect)Credit: AP Photo

Perhaps the star of the present is the solely surviving full Roman scutum: the iconic rectangular, curved protect utilized by legionaries.

“The scutum from Dura-Europos in Syria, is the solely surviving full Roman protect. I referred to as it scutum as a result of it’s a sort of Roman protect utilized by legionaries. It is the most iconic sort that everybody will acknowledge. It is rectangular and curved,” explains Carolina Rangel de Lima

He provides: “It’s really extraordinary, because it’s so unique, but also the beautiful art and artwork on it is really, really rare and very special.”

Also on show and on mortgage from Germany is the most full armor in the world. It dates again to a main defeat of the Roman military in 9 AD, when three legions have been ambushed and destroyed by native tribes in the Battle of Teutoburg.

It was unearthed on the battlefield in 2018 and this may doubtless be the solely time will probably be seen exterior Germany as it is going to later be placed on everlasting show at the Museum und Park Kalkriese.

origin 1Tombstone of an Imagineer’s Daughter; AD 100-30Credit: The Trustees of the British Museum
origin 1Gold coin – scene of the oath between two soldiersCredit: The Trustees of the British Museum

Other notable exhibitions embrace ancient coinsletters written on papyrus by soldiers from Roman Egypt and the preserved stays of a soldier discovered in Herculaneum, who’s reunited along with his belt and tools for the first time exterior Italy.

“Legion: Life in the Roman Army” runs till June 23, 2024.

Watch our video above for a look inside the exhibit.

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