The Brazilian president attacked Leonardo Di Caprio again

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“Brazil is home to the Amazon and ecosystems that are important for climate change. What happens in the Amazon affects us all. The voices of young people are a key driver of change for the healing of the planet,” he wrote. Di Caprio on Twitter. In his registration he did not indicate specific candidates, but only encouraged to participate in the elections and to register on the list of eligible candidates.

Brazil. President Bolsonaro replied to Di Caprio

The current president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, responded to the actor.

“Thank you for your support, Leo! It is really important that every Brazilian votes in the next election. Our citizens will decide if they want to preserve the sovereignty of the Amazon or if they want it to be ruled by scammers who serve foreign interests. Good work in the ghost! ” – wrote the politician on Twitter.

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Brazil. What are the prospects for the Amazon rainforests?

Di Caprio has been working for the climate for some time and supports the protection of Amazonian forests. In 2019 he donated $ 5 million for this purpose. Last year he even called on President Biden not to sign any environmental agreements with Brazil due to deforestation in the Amazon.

Jair Bolsonaro is accused of acting contrary to the spirit of ecology. According to the BBC, the politician is accused of accelerating deforestation and his government is turning a blind eye to clearing rainforests.

According to the data, the that the BBC mentionsthe number of trees felled in the Brazilian Amazon in January of this year far exceeded the levels of deforestation in the same month last year.

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Brazil. Bolsonaro accused Di Caprio of setting fire to the forests

The politician and the actor came into conflict once again. In 2019 Di Caprio donated money to help the Amazon. The president suggested they turn to the environmental organization World Wildlife Fund (WWF), which he accused of causing fires.

“This Leonardo DiCaprio is a good guy, right? He gives money to set fire to the Amazon” – attacked the actor in the speech, quoted by the BBC.

Bolsonaro had no evidence to support his allegations, and the plaintiff himself denied the allegations. He stressed, however, that the Amazon is worth supporting.

Elections in Brazil will be held on 2 October. Most recent polls, published in mid-April, give the current president about 30 percent. possibility of re-election.

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