The BenchSentry Delivery Box hides and protects your packages

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Genie Company, best known for its automatic garage door openers, has added a second delivery box to its BenchSentry product line. The new BenchSentry Package Delivery Box ($279) is essentially a dumb version of the Wi-Fi-connected BenchSentry Connect but more expensive ($449).

Both 7-cubic-foot trunks protect delivered packages from the elements and out of sight of porch pirates, but the least expensive model doesn’t include a smart lock, keypad, or Wi-Fi connectivity.

These features keep you informed of the status of the smart lock (locked/unlocked) and send alerts when deliveries are made (the driver typically enters the last four digits of the tracking number on the keyboard). You can also lock and unlock the connected model with your smartphone.

origin 1The BenchSentry 45-pound package delivery box features a storage capacity of 7 cubic feet (50 fluid gallons) and can be mounted on a solid surface or secured with a cable.

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The good news is that the cheaper box can be upgraded with those clever features via an upgrade kit that will be available later.

While we don’t know exactly when the kit will be available or how much it will cost, it’s safe to assume it will carry the final price tag BenchSentry package delivery box in line with the Bench Sentry Connect.

So if you buy the least expensive box today and find that it offers enough protection, you could save $170 over buying the fancier model. If, on the other hand, you decide you need an extra layer of security, you won’t regret not stepping up.

Both delivery crates are made of heavy-duty plastic, with steel rods reinforcing the corners, and each weighs approximately 45 pounds. This should dissuade most thieves from attempting to get away with one. The boxes also have pre-drilled holes in the bottom, so you can anchor them to your porch or walkway.

Alternatively, you can run a braided cable through the slots in the bottom of the trunk and padlock it to a handrail, eyebolt in your home’s foundation, or something similar.

Genie says both boxes should protect your packs from rain, ice and snowalthough parcels may get wet in case of heavy flooding.

We have a BenchSentry Connect in house for evaluation now. We will update this news with a link to our review as soon as it is published.

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