The Beer Bonus also arrives: how to apply – RB

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The Beer Bonus also arrives: how to apply – RB

Hello, Welcome to the RockedBuzz News site! I will present you all the details of The Beer Bonus is also here: how to apply – RB here.

The Beer Bonus is also here: how to do it question – RB

The Beer Bonus also arrives: how to apply – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. The Beer Bonus also arrives: how to apply – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

The Beer Bonus also arrives: how to apply – RB

Applications are started to access the non-repayable grant in favor of Italian breweries. The so-called “beer bonus” made available by the Ministry of Economic Development provides for funding from 20

Craft beer bonus, 10 millions for breweries: what is the non-repayable grant

A market that of beer in Italy which, despite the crisis of the hospitality and catering services industry and the difficulties of large-scale distribution due to the two years of pandemic, seems to have withstood the impact (here we talked about the robot that carries the beer).

In support of the breweries most affected by the uncertainties of this phase of the economy, the government has provided with the Sostegni bis decree for non-repayable grants as well as granted to small producers in other sectors of the economy (here the refreshments provided for in the last dpcm just approved).

“The ability of many Italian entrepreneurs who have decided to focus on the production of craft beer shows how courage and the ability to invest in new sectors also give rise to new opportunities for the development of the country”, declared the Minister of Economic Development. Giancarlo Giorgetti.

“The Italian breweries are part of a young sector that has managed to enhance an ancient art linked to the territory and the quality of the products” added the head of the Mise announcing the support for the brewing sector (here we had reported the ranking of the best craft beers of the 2020).

The possibility of accessing the “beer bonus” is recognized starting from 20 January and until the deadline of 18 February 2022.

The facility is granted in the form of a grant, in an amount equal to 0, 23 $ for each liter of beer of the total quantity taken over, in the register of conditioned beer or in the annual warehouse register during the year 2020.

Craft Beer Bonus, 10 millions for breweries: the requirements to apply

Mise explains on its website that for craft beer we mean beer produced by independent breweries, and not subjected to microfiltration and pasteurization processes.

Craft beer producers who wish to apply must be in possession of the following requirements :

must use plants physically distinct from those of any other brewery; must be economically and legally independent from another brewery; annual production must not exceed 200. 000 hectoliters, including in this quantity the quantities of beer produced on behalf of third parties; must not operate under license to use the intellectual property rights of others.

Craft Beer Bonus, 10 millions for breweries: how to apply

To submit requests, you must fill in the form that can be downloaded from the dedicated section of the portal of the Ministry of Economic Development, digitally signed by the legal representative and sent exclusively by certified e-mail (PEC) to the following address: [email protected].

As specified in the Faq, to ​​obtain the grant, the date of arrival of the application will not be taken into account, as “the temporal order of presentation of the applications does not determine any advantage or penalization in the process of handling them. For the purposes of awarding the benefits, the applications presented on the first effective day will therefore be treated in the same way as those presented on the last day “.

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