The banner “inviting” Russia and Ukraine to bomb Naples

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A banner of the Verona curve, which gives the Russian and Ukrainian missiles the coordinates to locate the city of Naples, as an invitation to bomb it. Sadly, the image on social networks, sites and chats of Napoli fans of the banner displayed outside the Verona stadium and signed “Curva Sud” has become viral. In the image there are drawn the flags of Russia and Ukraine and then a series of numbers that represent the coordinates of Naples. A kind of invitation to “hit” the Neapolitan city while the war, the real one, continues to be fought in Ukraine. The banner appeared near the Bentegodi stadium in Verona where today at 3 pm Tudor’s team hosted Napoli.

There were numerous reactions of indignation. The Neapolitan writer Maurizio De Giovanni speaks with irony of a “refined, intelligent and geographical banner of the Veronese curve” by a group of fans, those of Verona, “always admirably ready to grasp elements of close relevance to renew their profound racist idiocy. Just to make us understand with a plastic example how far (sub) human imbecility can go, and how very serious things and nonsense can mix in a brain that is too narrow. “

Condemnation also from the Serie A League. “I express total condemnation, on behalf of the entire Serie A League, against the banner that appeared this morning in Verona. In a tragic moment for the invasion of Ukraine only idiots can imagine such a banner, and Hellas Verona did well to censor such an act. RockedBuzz, in Italy and throughout the world, we must convey a message of peace with our activities. “Thus in a note the CEO of Lega Serie A Luigi De Siervo.

Politics also commented. “Football passion cannot be a reason to denigrate opposing supporters, especially when the tragedy of the war in Ukraine is used,” say the deputies of the 5 Star Movement in the Culture Committee. “Sport has always been a place of solidarity, means of social inclusion and integration and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict that is fought on the doorstep, mocking the thousands of victims, to insult the opposing supporters, cannot be exploited. It is racist and inhumane ”, they conclude.

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