The army is being deployed in Sweden, crime has worsened

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The prime minister added: the cabinet will present its proposals next Thursday on how the armed forces and the police cooperate.

Following a meeting with the leaders of the armed forces and the police, Kristersson said, “the police cannot do all the tasks alone“. The Swedish army, which is already on alert due to the war in Ukraine, could support the work of the police mainly with bomb-related expertise, helicopter logistics and analysis within the current legal framework.

Although national police chief Anders Thornberg stated in his earlier statement during the day that the armed forces are not “directly” involved in the performance of law enforcement tasks,

Any involvement of the military in law enforcement is a highly unusual move in Sweden, where 12 people were killed in a war of underworld organizations in September alone.

More than 60 people died in shootings last year, which is the highest figure in Sweden so far. This year promises to be similar or even worse, considering the data so far.

According to the Swedish Prime Minister, the laws must be tightened in order to prevent the recruitment of socially disadvantaged teenagers living in immigrant neighborhoods into criminal gangs.

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