The 15-MacBook Air Is So Close, Stores Have ‘Already Started Stocking Up’

By Microsoft 2 Min Read


If there is an Apple product we plan to introduce ourselves to WWDCand the MacBook Air 15 inch. It’s been rumored for more than a year now, all signs point to an imminent release, and it looks like store shelves will be ready for it.

According to a report by DigiTimesApple vendors have “already started stocking up” on the 15-inch MacBook Air ahead of its June 5 launch. DigiTimes doesn’t have the best track record for voices, but it does have a solid understanding of supply chain and manufacturing channels. This suggests that Apple will offer the laptop for sale immediately following the announcement with no pre-order period, as is customary with new Mac launches. During last year’s WWDC, Apple announced the MacBook Air M2 on June 6th but not shipped until July 15th.

Still, it makes sense that the MacBook Air would be available for purchase right after the keynote. The only difference between the new machine and the current model will reportedly be the size of the display, with rumors stating that the 15-inch Air will have the same M2 processor and features as the 13.6-inch model.

Apple Mac Sales fallen up about 30 percent in the latest quarter, and the 15-inch Air should inject some buzz into the lineup. DigiTimes reports that Apple expects to sell more than one million of the new 15-inch Air models this quarter, which will give sales a much-needed boost.

Several new products are said to debut at WWDC, including the new one Reality Pro AR headset and the Apple Silicone Mac Pro, as well as updates to Apple’s family of operating systems. There are also rumors that there is a flurry of M3 processor-based Macs, albeit those no arrival is expected until 2024.

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