Swedish jihadist sentenced after posing for photos with dead bodies in Syria

Natalie Portman
By Natalie Portman 3 Min Read

Swedish jihadist Nathan Benoitzon has been sentenced to four months in prison for violating international law after posing for photos with the wounded and dead in Syria.

The 44-year-old was sentenced to four months in prison by the Blekinge District Court for the incidents in Syria in 2012.

A police report was filed against Nathan Benoitzon in September 2021 about his activities in Syria, in which he said he traveled to Syria for a vacation before getting married in Sweden, the paper reported. The Espresso relationships.

According to the Swedish security police (Sapo), however, Benoitzon had traveled to Syria in October 2012 where he joined the Islamist group Kataib al-Muhajireen, which was linked to the al-Qaeda terrorist group and violated international law with others by subjecting inmates and others to treatment classified as derogatory.

In some photos of Benoitzon he is seen posing with a severed head and other wounded bodies, while another, posted on social media, showed him pointing an automatic rifle at several people. The photographs were also reportedly used as propaganda for online jihadists.

The photographs of Benoitzon had initially been discovered by Swedish journalist Per Gudmundson and Benoitzon was initially arrested in 2014 at London’s Heathrow Airport and was tried and acquitted of terrorism offenses after spending nine months in prison.

Although Benoitzon is originally from the Philippines and moved to Sweden in 1992, he is also a Swedish citizen and cannot be deported.

Benoitzon is only the latest jihadist who has returned from the Middle East to stand trial in Sweden for activities abroad.

Last year, a woman linked to the Islamic State terrorist group was accused by Swedish prosecutors of using her son like a child soldier and charged with aggravated war crimes.

“The investigation alleges that your son was trained and trained to participate in hostilities while living at home, that he was issued with military equipment and military weapons, and that he was used in combat and for propaganda purposes as well as for other missions that were part of the war,” prosecutor Reena Devgun said in a statement.

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