Support for Ukraine in America is rapidly declining – Putin can rub his palms together

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Analysts dealing with the Russian-Ukrainian war regularly state that Moscow is deliberately trying to drag out the conflict as long as possible, in the hope that Ukraine’s Western supporters will simply “slow down” the events and they are slowly retreating from behind the attacked country.

There are already signs of this: in addition to the Polish-Ukrainian czarte and the promises of Robert Fico, who is running with good chances in the Slovak elections, Kiev’s support is also eroding in America. CNN recently published a recent poll, according to which the majority of Americans would no longer send more aid to Ukraine:

Now a recent ABC / Washington Post poll has come out, which shows equally worrying results for Kiev about the attitude of the American electorate towards Ukraine.

The poll showed:

41% of Americans feel that the United States has already given too much aid to Ukraine and would like to see it reduced.

In February this year, this ratio was still 33%, in April 2022 it will be just 14%.

Just under 50% of respondents feel that America is doing “just enough” or too little for Ukraine, 60% felt this way 7 months ago, and 73% last spring.

The numbers show that Ukraine’s support among American voters is rapidly waning, which could be problematic for Kyiv because there will be presidential elections in the United States next November. It is possible that a more populist candidate will take advantage of the deteriorating public mood and start campaigning that instead of Ukraine, money should be sent to “the little American” and the war should be ended (at the cost of Ukrainian territory loss).

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