Stanley Tucci wants to open a restaurant, but not with his chef son: “It would completely destroy the relationship”

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Stanley Tucci he is best known for starring in films such as The Hunger Games, Great night, The Lovely Bones, The Devil Wears Prada and more. However, the five-time Daytime Emmy winner, two-time Golden Globe winner and SAG winner has also attracted critical acclaim for his travel food series Stanley Tucci: In search of Italy.

In fact, Tucci hopes to one day open a restaurant of his own, but don’t expect it to be a joint venture with his chef son.

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To refresh your memory, Tucci has five children. He and his late wife, Kate Tucci – who died of breast cancer in 2009 – shares twins, Isabella AND Nicholas23 years old, and a daughter, Camilla21 years. Additionally, Tucci has two children with his wife, Felicity Blunt: Matteo8 e Emily5.

Nicolo is a chef at St. John restaurant in London having recently graduated from the city’s Leiths School of Food and Wine.

On September 25, Tucci sat down for an interview on the “Radio Cherry Bombe“podcast. Chef Miss Robbins talked about the possibility of a restaurant, and Tucci admitted that it’s something he’s considered.

“I’d like to do it? Yes,” she said, explaining that he recently turned down the opportunity to open a restaurant in a hotel. However, he deemed the undertaking “too big.”

“Would I like to do something incredibly small? Yes,” he clarified

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Tucci shared that his theoretical venue would feature basic dishes with menus that change daily, as well as some wine choices. He made sure to note that he “is not a chef”, so he wouldn’t be in the kitchen preparing the food.

That’s when Robbins pointed out that Tucci has a “son who could make the vision come true.”

“That would completely destroy the relationship,” he said of a joint venture with Nicolò. “But no, I’d like to have something really small, intimate, brown paper on this thing.”

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Tucci’s niche has been in the world of acting for decades, but in recent years he has also become a star in the world of food. Between creating viral cooking and bartending videos, hosting a show, writing a book, and releasing a line of cookware, Tucci has transformed himself into a respected voice in the culinary space.

So it makes sense that he’s toying with the idea of ​​opening his own restaurant.

It also makes sense that Tucci would want to avoid mixing business and family.

Tucci and his wife, Felicity Blunt, bonded over food early in their relationship.

Speaking of mixing food with family, Tucci and his wife initially bonded over their shared love of all things cooking.

“The thing we talked about the most was food, and then we started going out to dinner and realized we had this mutual love of food,” he explained. said on Today show on September 19th.

Tucci also spoke about his viral cooking videos — and how his children responded to what many considered “thirst traps.”

“My older kids roll their eyes. Because so much of the news came out during the pandemic, and the comments were, you know…” she said Hota KotbAND Jenna Bush Hager. “And then my kids would say, ‘Oh God, Dad. Ugh. You’re old and disgusting.'”

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