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Spotify, which is one of the most active music listening applications of today, also moves people from different places to use its application with its innovations. This feature of Spotify, which is appreciated especially with its ability to share the music you listen to in the Instagram Story section, is also faced with problems by many customers. It is possible to upload the music you listen to on Spotify with different options from the Instagram story section. First of all, you should know that this feature comes with the latest updates. As a result, you need to update both applications to the latest version. It is known that there are many problems with the latest version. Most people have turned off updates so they cannot access this feature right away. Applications must run smoothly to access this feature. After the applications that are updated without any problems, there may be those who first think that your account type matters. The account level does not have any feature. As a result, you are advertising the application from a different platform, even from the Instagram story section. As a result of this event, activation of free accounts also occurs. First of all, it is possible to spread the song from different platforms from the details section of the song you listen to. You can both share your songs with your followers and support the songs. It is also stated that many Spotify users have upgraded with this system.

Spotify Instagram Story Error Android Solution

Fix Spotify Not Sharing to Instagram Stories Problem Solved 2023Fix Spotify Not Sharing to Instagram Stories Problem Solved 2023

Spotify users may face different problems both in the music they listen to and in the story sharing via Instagram. First of all, you should know which type of mobile infrastructure you have a phone. If there is an Android infrastructure, you must enter the application settings. It is also beneficial to free up the memory and storage areas of the apps with Spotify and Instagram from the settings section of the phone. After Android users have done these operations, it is possible to upload any music they listen to by selecting the details or the stories section from the sharing section. If there is still no story section, there are different things you need to do. First you will need to login to a different account. If the problem is fixed after logging into the account, it is probably a temporary error in Android. The problem will be fixed after you turn your phone off and on. If the problem is not solved in that account, you can update your account from Spotify support and fix the problem.

Spotify Instagram Story Error iPhone Solution

How to add video background of spotify music in Instagram story (android & ios)How to add video background of spotify music in Instagram story (android & ios)

For this system, which started to be used widely for Instagram users, iPhone users also got their share. It is possible to solve the problem with different methods on such phones, which are observed to have problems. First of all, you must press the start key and the power key at the same time and hang up the phone. This closure also allows you to undo any erroneous adjustments made. So it regulates mistakes. If the problem is not resolved, you should apply different ways. First of all, ensure that all applications that can cause load on the system are closed with system refresh tools. Then try to close and open your account in the application, even once. It has been determined that the problem was solved by many users who made this application. Thanks to different applications, it is possible to solve problems quickly.

A “bug” in Instagram does not allow you to use these 2 functions, does it happen to you?

Since its last update, Instagram has a bug that allows the use of two recently integrated functions in the app. Is it a failure or is it that he has eliminated them?

Since we updated Instagram to version 67.0, we have seen that we cannot use two of its functions. Some recently implemented functions that, overnight, have stopped working.

We think that there are two “bugs” of the application and that in the future they will be solved with a new update. But… what if they have been eliminated?

We have not found information about it and we are the first to talk about it. In having more information about it, we will inform you.

If you cannot use these two Instagram functions, it is not a fault of your mobile, it is a “fault” of the new version of the app:

The supposed failures detected are the following:

  • GIFs cannot be shared in direct messages.
  • You can NOT share Spotify songs on our Instagram Stories.

About sharing GIFs for private messages, the option to do so does not appear directly. You can check it below:

As for sharing Spotify songs in our stories, everything works fine until we press the share button in “Instagram Stories”. When we press, a screen appears requiring us to log in.

We do it but then it does not take us to the Stories to be able to publish the song in question. A bummer for those of us who used that feature on a daily basis.

We hope that everything has been caused by a bug in the latest version and that they correct it as soon as possible.

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