Something happened in Russia today that may indicate that there is really a big problem

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Footage of flight U6-1383 traveling between Sochi and Omsk, which was forced to make an emergency landing in a wheat field in the Novosibirsk region, was uploaded to social media. According to preliminary information, the hydraulic system failed and it was feared that the brakes would not work properly, which is why the pilots decided to land.

And on Monday, another Airbus 320 passenger transporter was forced to turn back to Kazan airport due to a brake wing failure.

Western companies that manufacture passenger carriers, such as Airbus or Boeing, have not supplied spare parts for the aircraft used in the Russian air fleet almost since the beginning of the war. Due to the sanctions, the safety certificate of the machines was also revoked.

At the same time, Russia uses these passenger carriers despite the lack of proper maintenance. However, according to Moscow, it is capable of properly maintaining the aircraft without Western manufacturers (mainly by still being able to get limited spare parts), the two cases above seem to suggest the opposite.

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