Snapchat protects minors with this new feature – RB

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Snapchat protects minors with this new feature – RB

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Snapchat protects minors with this new feature – RB

Snapchat protects minors with this new feature – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Snapchat protects minors with this new feature – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Snapchat protects minors with this new feature – RB


Snapchat has introduced a new feature to protect underage users from malicious people – it’s much harder to find kids

20 January 2022

After other competing platforms, Snapchat has also announced that it will soon introduce parental control on the social network, to protect minors from strangers adults. In particular, this will serve to limit friend suggestions to prevent attackers from identifying the accounts of adolescent users. If they can’t find them, that’s the idea, they won’t be able to harass or endanger them.

Many other social applications, driven by media and political pressures, are bringing about these changes. Meta (i.e. Facebook) has also equipped itself in a similar way to ensure safer and more protected browsing for young people on Instagram . In the United States , in fact, the issue of Fentanyl has been discussed a lot, with drug dealers who would have used social networks – including Snapchat – to sell the opiate. The new functions will not be introduced immediately, but the artificial intelligence algorithms are being updated to identify and limit the dissemination of sensitive content.

Snapchat’s parental control

As Engadget reports, Snapchat will no longer show the accounts of users aged between 13 and 17 years in the suggestions in Quick Add , unless there are a number of friendships in common. The update will not prevent therefore adults and minors from coming in contact, but it will be more difficult for the first to identify adolescent users they do not know.

Snapchat’s goal is to protect minors and fight the spread of Fentanyl , an opioid analgesic that is causing great concern in the United States due to numerous overdose episodes. The social network, in fact, has received various accusations for not having restricted drug-related content.

However, the company stated that it had worked on updating the artificial intelligence algorithms, to identify some terms more quickly, and to constantly collaborate with the law enforcement agencies by reporting suspicious episodes. In particular, it should also be possible to detect slang terms referring to drugs, with a regular update of the relevant list.

Snapchat will provide more details on parental controls over the next months . Parents will be able to monitor more easily the activity of their children on the social app.

Parental control on other platforms

Snapchat isn’t the first company to make changes to protect younger people, but more are running for cover. For example, Instagram will start using parental control in a few months, to allow parents to learn about the platform’s functions and keep their underage children under control. There too, adults not will be able to come into contact with teenagers without mutual contact.

In the past, Spotify has also introduced some features on the Spotify Family Premium plan, to limit the use of sensitive content by children.

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