Simplify your chores with this $99 Black Friday special on a robot vacuum

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Our robot overlords should do it rise up against us in several years, but until then, we can benefit from their cleaning help. And right now, that assistance is cheaper than ever, thanks to a Black Friday deal from Walmart on the Anchor eufy 25C Wi-Fi robot vacuum cleaner. You can grab it for an ultra-affordable $99 or 60% off.

This basic model handles vacuuming only, unlike much more expensive options that also mop. But for the price, this quiet little robot goes a long way. It works for up to 100 minutes at a time and will automatically return to its base to recharge. Accept commands by touch, from the companion smartphone app, or even your voice if you have an Alexa or Google Home compatible device. He even knows how to avoid falling down stairs.

The main “problem” with the eufy 25C is that it works best on hard surfaces (eg, hardwood floors), and as a budget vacuum cleaner, its navigation system isn’t as sophisticated. You also have to clean it more frequently.

But for this incredibly low price point, these are quibbles you could easily forgive. In return, you’ll get friendly help with a light cleaning to minimize dust and dirt between your deeper cleans. And she will never shirk his duties or forget. At least, not until he joins a robot uprising.

Get the Anker eufy 25C Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum Cleaner for $99 at Walmart

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