Shoot Down the Balloon, You Coward! (And Please Also Donate $35 to Republicans.)

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The latest GOP fundraising email is also a foreign policy white paper.

President Joe Biden seems to be pretty unhappy about the suspected Chinese spy balloon flying over Montana. His administration signaled this by postponing Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s trip to Beijing—less than a day before Blinken was supposed to depart.

Donald Trump apparently prefers a different response. “SHOOT DOWN THE BALLOON!” the former commander-in-chief Truthed this morning. A few hours later, former UN ambassador Nikki Haley demonstrated her status as the sane, serious alternative to Trump by tweeting the same thing, but with some lowercase letters mixed in.

With the GOP’s official foreign policy now firmly established, it was time for House Republicans to spread the word. And also to raise some money. So they fired off an email to grassroots supporters.

“Shoot down the balloon, you coward!” the subject line blared.

I found this a bit insulting. Sure, I’ve written a few snarky blog posts about over-the-top Republican fundraising emails, but calling me a “coward” seemed a bit out of line. Soon, though, I realized that I wasn’t the coward they were talking about.

“We need you to sign our petition to tell Joe Biden: Shoot down the balloon, you coward!” the email explained. “We need all patriotic Americans to rise up and demand that President Biden take action right now and shoot down China’s spy balloon.”

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