Serious video: a Ukrainian soldier performed a heroic act, the tragedy was avoided at the last moment

By RockedBuzz 2 Min Read

About the case video was also made: it shows the Ukrainian soldier firing several shots into the air to warn his comrades trying to go to the front of the danger. He shouts: the Russians are hiding on the right side of the road, if they continue, they will run into a raid. It is clear in the recording: the bus stops, the Ukrainian soldiers get out of it.

Several people call the injured Ukrainian soldier a hero in the comments section below the video, as he risked a lot by trying to draw the attention of his comrades to the danger with shots. The non-armored minibus would probably have quickly fallen prey to Russian soldiers’ fire had they not been warned by their comrades.

There are those who note: it is strange that Ukraine received hundreds of MRAPs from NATO and there are still units that drive on the front line with non-armored vans designed for civilian purposes.

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