Serie C, the results of groups A and C: Südtirol and Bari win

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In group A, the club from Bolzano remains at the top at +7 from Padua which beats AlbinoLeffe in the recovery. In group C the Apulians lengthen, the Calabrians still maintain second place for the tie between Francavilla and Paganese

Here is everything that happened in the rich Sunday program of groups A and C. Serie C will be back on the pitch starting from Tuesday for the last midweek round of the season.


Second 1-0 in a row, Casiraghi still signed: Südtirol continues to keep up the pace and consolidates the top after the success against Juventus U23 in Alessandria. If the gap between first and second always remains seven points, the credit is all of Niko Kirwan: the New Zealand defender of Padova (ready to fly to the national team for the world qualifiers) in fact closes the brace in full recovery that allows him to overturn the ‘AlbinoLeffe, who took the lead to Zanica thanks to Galeandro. Pending the postponement of Feralpisalò-Triestina, Renate also goes back to third place, taking a point in Legnago (1-1): Maistrello scores the goal number 15 and becomes the new top scorer in the group, equal on a penalty by Jacob. The Pro Patria stretches the Giana (5-1) thanks to the hat-trick of the unleashed Alessandro Piu, who reaches eight goals in the league and had never scored so much in his career. Thanks to Monachello’s usual paw, Mantova reaches Fiorenzuola (1-1) and avoids in front of their fans what would have been the third consecutive defeat. Spectacular 2-2 between Pro Sesto and Seregno, but the result is of little use to both in the playout area. In advance of Saturday, Virtus Verona overtook Lecco.


Bari is a Serie B shot: a comeback success (2-1) in the direct match against Catanzaro and a ten-point advantage over the Calabrians. Seven days from the end, a margin that gives good security with a view to direct promotion to Mignani’s team. The game was immediately intense: Catanzaro went ahead with Fazio with a header from a corner kick, but the tie came before the interval with Antenucci who transformed a penalty won by D’Errico. At the beginning of the second half, the former Monza captain signed the overtaking with a great right. In the end, good Polverino (Frattali’s substitute between the red and white posts) to secure the result.


On the negative day, Catanzaro keeps one point ahead of Francavilla who eats three goals against Paganese (from 3-0 to 3-3): in the first half the goals from Patierno, Mastropietro and Maiorino, then Cretella starts the ascent completed in the last four minutes by Zanini and Tommasini. In the other most awaited challenge from a playoff point of view, Palermo finds in Avellino that external success that had been missing for four months: green-and-white ahead with Matera, then Brunori’s show begins (10 goals in the last eight games) who signs the draw and serves the ‘assist to Valente for the 2-1 (Tito’s expulsion then facilitates management for Baldini’s team). In Viterbo against Monterosi comes the third consecutive success for the newfound Monopoli, with the third goal in a row by Gennaro Borrelli. Trio of Juve Stabia in the derby with Turris (3-0), closed in the first half by two goals from Eusepi and Stoppa. Zeman’s Foggia returns to win at home overcoming Picerno with a fun 3-2, in which the Rossoneri bomber Ferrante’s brace stands out (14 in the league, with a single penalty). Catania – fourth victory in the last five – overtakes Vibonese away (2-1) and sends them with one foot in Serie D: without Moro, the Croatian Sipos (later expelled) will take care of opening the scoring, doubling Biondi disadvantage unnecessarily halved in the recovery from Mahrous. Equal to Viviani between Potenza and Taranto (1-1): Lucani ahead with Cargnelutti leading (second consecutive goal for the former Roma defender), equal to Di Gennaro who thus forgives the penalty printed on the crossbar at 0-0. Campobasso beat Messina 2-0 with a brace from Liguori. Equal between Fidelis Andria and Latina (1-1): Pugliesi ahead with Urso, then Alcibiades own goal to restore balance.

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