Saving the environment and dying: chronicles of a collective crime – RB

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Save the environment and die: chronicles of a collective crime – RB

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Saving the environment and to die: chronicles of a collective crime – RB

Saving the environment and dying: chronicles of a collective crime – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Saving the environment and dying: chronicles of a collective crime – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Saving the environment and dying: chronicles of a collective crime – RB

Zezico Rodrigues Guajajara was a guardião da Amazônia, it was his job to protect the forest, even if that meant risk never returning to family, friends, community. And that risk, that Guardian of the Amazon, ran until the end, until he, and before the others, were brutally murdered by those who hold the illegal wood trade, by those who exploit the indigenous territory of Arariboia without mercy. And Zezigo, that place protected him with all his strength, as well as preserved the entire ecosystem, until he was shot and killed.

In March of 2021 the mangled body of Estela Casanto Mauricio was found by the police in a cave hidden inside a Peruvian forest, the same one for which he had dedicated his entire life. Because she was not just an indigenous leader but an activist and environmentalist who fought every day for her Amazonia, to safeguard the whole world. Threatened several times, the founder of the Shankivironi community who had exposed herself against the conquest of the lands, was killed .

After her it was the turn of José Gomes , his wife Màrcia Nunes Lisboa and their baby girl , Joane Nunes Lisboa, a clear-headed teenager who, from her mother and father, had inherited the desire to change the world. To save him. Yet that entire family who lived on the banks of the Xingu River, devoted and committed to protecting the environment , to save sea turtles, to protect the land and the sea, was destroyed . It took just a few shots to end their precious existence.

And then there was him, Breiner David Cucuñame López , who was little more than a child, but had big projects for its future and for that of the whole of humanity. Everyone knew him in the Paeces community, an ethnic group from Colombia. They knew about him and his commitment against the land grabbing of Cauca, Colombia. The boy, just 14 year old, was engaged in the indigenous student guard, but the exhibition and the desire to change the world was too risky. Yet he continued to act even if this meant death, even in his case which occurred through a few decisive gunshots.

So whoever defends us dies

A trail of blood left by those in the world who want to exploit it to the detriment of those who instead want to protect it. A death trail that has been perpetuated for some time and that sadly inaugurated the 2022 with the death of the very young Breine r who sanctioned the sad fate of activists in Colombia.

And these, mind you, are just some of the latest cases of activists tortured, murdered and killed by others because the The list is painfully long and allows us to map the list of the most dangerous territories in South America, where there are areas to be exploited , those that have already been exploited for some time.

In 2018, for example, one of the most major massacres was committed in the Philippines , the very place that has become a popular travel destination for us. There nine peasants were killed and their tents burned. There were adults, women and teenagers.

In Guatemala , Luis Arturo Marroquin, a member of a farming community committed to the protection of land rights, was killed together to other people. In Honduras, on the other hand, the very young activist for the defense of the land Luis Fernando Ayala, who had only 16 years, he was tortured and then killed.

A Guinness World Record of horrors that has been perpetuated in some countries of the world for several years. Only in 2020, in fact, the murders of people actively engaged in environmental protection reached the frightening average of 4 people a week. According to the report drawn up by the NGO Global Witness , during that year it was 227 the number of people who died to defend the environment, their lands. Our world.

A number that is not destined to stop , as evidenced by the first brutal murder of the year. An individual crime, but above all a collective crime that risks perpetuating itself if we do not act immediately. And turning away, this time, is not possible.

We can’t do it because those people who lost their lives were fighting to save the world. And this cannot and must not be a reason to die.

Colombia, Philippines and Mexico: where do you die and why

South America, as anticipated, holds the sad record of environmental victims . Among the most dangerous places, where crimes and murders took place, there are Colombia, the Philippines and Mexico which, alone, bear the weight of half of the murders in the world for environmental defense.

In Mexico, only in 2020, there were 30, while in the Philippines 29. In addition to the murders carried out, however, there are also the assaults, violence and threats collected by Global Witness , the NGO for human rights, which since 2012 works alongside indigenous communities around the world to combat the exploitation of natural resources and the violation of human rights.

And if the 2020 was the most tragic year for those fighting to save the planet, the 2021 did not allow us to breathe a sigh of relief as at least 145 people were murdered only in Colombia, including social leaders and human rights defenders, according to reports reported by Ansa. The 2022, on the other hand, was marked by the death of the young Breiner David Cucuñame López.

But who are the victims of this collective crime ? The communities most at risk, as confirmed by the data released, are precisely the indigenous ones who represent almost half of the total victims. The murders, assaults and violence take place above all in order to be able to continue, without hitches, the illegal logging works , those of intensive agriculture or mining activities to carry on the agri business , even at the cost of killing men and the whole planet.

And even at the cost of dying, the others fought and continue to do so. They do this to protect the most precious resources we have, those that belong to the planet earth and not to man. Those who have been conquered due to the delusion of omnipotence. But without them who will defend us ?

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