Saudi Arabia is building a 400-meter-high, cube-shaped skyscraper

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The project will be implemented by Saudi Arabia’s New Murabba Development Company (NMDC) as part of the country’s Public Investment Fund (PIF). The PIF, a sovereign wealth fund established in 2017, seeks to diversify the sources of revenue for the Saudi economy.

Mukaab covers 2 million square meters of floor space, including a central atrium framed around a spiral tower. According to the PIF press release, the building will be “the first destination in the world to offer an experience created by digital and virtual technology with the latest holography.”

Mukaab from the inside, source: NMDC
Mukaab from the inside, source: NMDC

The wider Murabba district is built around the concept of sustainability, with green spaces and walking and cycling paths aimed at improving the quality of life. The new development is part of a wider drive to create new towns and tourist destinations across the country.

Despite the projects’ grandiose plans, some have raised concerns about the developments’ environmental impact and the treatment of labor on site. These concerns are shared by environmental and human rights groups, who have called for greater transparency and accountability in the planning and implementation of large-scale projects.

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