Russia’s setback: Ukraine launches the counter-offensive

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The setbacks in Ukraine have hit Russian forces hard.

The elite units run on the pump and the new “super tank” has been destroyed.

At the same time, Ukraine continues its counter-offensive.

Russian troops are taking heavy casualties in Ukraine, according to it British Ministry of Defense.

Even the most advanced units are under great pressure and Ukraine must have managed to destroy at least one of the new T-90M tanks just two weeks after their deployment.

The British are now signaling that the losses may be difficult to offset in view of the sanctions, something war scientist Ilmari Käihkö agrees with.

– It will be more difficult for Russia to obtain technology from the West. The question is whether there is a way for Putin to reverse developments without declaring war. The answer now seems to be no, he says.

full screen Exhausted Russian military vehicles can be seen outside Chernihiv. Photo of April 17th. Photo: Evgeniy Maloletka / AP

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry claims it has knocked out another Russian ship. She must be a Serna-class landing boat that was sunk in a drone strike near Ormön in the Black Sea.

An air defense system on the island must also have been destroyed.

“The traditional parade of the Russian Black Sea Fleet on May 9 will be held near Ormön this year, at the bottom of the sea,” the Defense Ministry wrote on social media, according to AP.

Artillery warfare

At the same time, Ukraine continues its counter-offensive in the eastern parts of the country with the help of advanced weapons donated to the Western world.

According to New York Times Progress has been made in several major cities, including Kharkiv and Izium.

– Ukraine was expected to feel something like this. You have a certain advantage after getting the advanced weapon systems, says Käihkö.

– It has increasingly become an artillery war where you shoot each other and when you hit something you can disturb the advance.

“They will be big losses”

However, the war scientist believes there is still a long way to go before Ukraine can regain its territories.

– So far, such large areas have not been filmed. When they go on the counter offensive, it will mean big losses because it is easier to defend than to attack.

– The big question mark is how many combat forces you have, because you will have to gather forces to retake areas.

A satellite image shows the smoke from Ormön’s buildings in the Black Sea on Saturday. The buildings will be used by the Russian army. According to Ukrainian information, a Russian air defense system was knocked out by a drone, reports TT. Photo: Planet Labs PBC / AP / TT

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