Russia is preparing for the Ukrainian counterattack – Medvedev revealed how many people were armed

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Medvedev, currently acting as the Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, said:

According to data from the Ministry of Defense, between January 1 and May 19, 117,400 people were recruited into the ranks of the armed forces as contractors or volunteer units.

Russia announced a partial mobilization for the first time in the war in Ukraine and for the last time so far last September, which affected about 300,000 people. Despite the mobilization, the winter Russian offensives were not successful, recently the Ukrainians led successful counterattacks at Bahmut as well.

Ukraine is preparing for a major counterattack, presumably mainly in the south, and the Russian regular forces can largely prepare to defend against it.

Cover photo: Dmitry Medvedev at this year’s Victory Day ceremony. Contributor/Getty Images

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