Russia has announced that it will not enter into a military alliance with China

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Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping promised each other friendship and closer relations at their summit held in Moscow earlier this week, so the Russian president’s recent announcement may have come as a surprise to the world. Putin did not provide more detailed information about the background of the decision.

We will not establish any military alliance with China. Yes, we have cooperation in military and technological fields. We do not hide this, everything is transparent

Interfax quoted Putin’s speech on Sunday.

The Russian president added that the Western powers are working on creating an “axis” similar to the World War II federal system of Nazi Germany, Japan, and Italy.

This is why Western analysts are talking… that the West is beginning to build a new axis similar to the one created in the 1930s by the fascist regimes of Germany and Italy and militarist Japan

Putin said.

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