Russia announced: the production of the Abrams and Leopard-killing miracle weapon is starting

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According to Russian state media, the Marker UGVs will be equipped with a Kornet-type anti-tank missile launcher.

It is not known when the first series-produced Markers will arrive at the front.

The first Marker UGVs were delivered to the front by the Russians in February, they were still experimental specimens. In essence, it is a remote-controlled, small-sized military vehicle that can be equipped with weapons, and in principle, artificial intelligence helps the operator in target identification and prioritization of targets.

The Markers’ main weapon, the 9M133 Kornet, is one of Russia’s best anti-tank missile launchers; there is a documented case of an Abrams tank used by Iraq being disabled by the fighters of the Islamic State with such a weapon.

We wrote about the exact capabilities of the Marker UGV here:

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