Ring’s new pet tag can help lost furry friends find their homes

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Snoopy comes home! If your pet wanders too far from the farm and can’t make it back, Ring’s latest accessory could help a stranger bring your furry friend back to safety.

The Pet Tag is (as the name suggests) a small tag that attaches to your pet’s collar. The front of the circular label features the familiar Ring logo, along with the “Always Home” slogan, while the back features a prominent QR code.

If a stranger comes across your lost pet and scans the QR code with their phone, they will see the pet profile you posted via the Ring app, complete with your pet’s name, species, color, weight, and any medical conditions domestic. or necessary medications.

Even better, your pet profile can link to a lost pet message, allowing you to detail the date and time your pet went missing and where it was last seen. You can also enable the Contact Me feature which allows strangers to contact you without revealing your contact information.

origin 1Simply scan the QR code on a Ring Pet Tag to see your pet’s profile or lost pet message.


Ring pet profile and lost pet posts they’re nothing new—both launched in early 2022—but the newly announced Pet Tag ($9.99) makes it much easier for good Samaritans to match a lost pet to their pet profile.

It’s worth noting that the 1.1-inch diameter pet tag doesn’t come with any GPS functionality—in other words, a pet tag doesn’t actually track your lost pet.

That said, you’ll receive a notification if someone scans the tag’s QR code, and you’ll be able to chat with whoever found it as long as you’ve enabled the Contact Me feature in the Ring app.

THE Ring Pet Tag is available for pre-order on Amazonand shipping is scheduled for October 5th.

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