Regrouping at the major owner of AutoWallis

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On September 21, Wallis Asset Management transferred 17,105,237 series C AutoWallis ordinary shares, thereby reducing its holding to 7.79 percent from the previous 11.26 percent.

As part of the transaction, a technical regrouping took place, the shares remained within the Wallis Group and were transferred to Wallis Tőkeholding Zrt.

Previously, Wallis transferred its majority stake in AutoWallis to a new asset management company, the aforementioned Wallis Tőkeholding Zrt. The purpose of this was to organize its holdings in public companies and those companies that prepare their accounts according to IFRS rules into one company in the future.

According to the company’s information, the regrouping took place due to a capital increase by contribution related to the acquisition of Share Now (Wallis Autómegosztó Zrt.).

The price of AutoWallis rose by 2.7 percent today, while it rose by 19.5 percent this year.


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