Red zone escaped? But 4 Regions risk orange – RB

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Red zone escaped? But 4 Regions risk orange – RB

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Red zone escaped? But 4 Regions risk orange – RB

Red zone escaped? But 4 Regions risk orange – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Red zone escaped? But 4 Regions risk orange – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Red zone escaped? But 4 Regions risk orange – RB

As usual, the new data from the weekly monitoring of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità on the Covid situation in Italy arrived, which could determine the transition from the yellow zone to the orange zone from Monday for some Regions. The good news is that finally the peak of the fifth wave has been reached (not fourth, as many media erroneously report , because in Italy we left earlier and we are one ahead of the rest of Italy).

Incidence, Rt and hospitals: the situation at 21 January

The weekly incidence of new infections has finally stabilized and RT is decreasing, although still above the epidemic threshold. The incidence was fixed at 2.0 11 cases each 100 thousand inhabitants in the period between 14 and 20 January, compared to 1. 988 cases recorded in the previous week.

In the period 22 December-4 January, the average Rt calculated on symptomatic Covid cases was instead equal to 1, 31, down therefore compared to the previous week but still above the epidemic threshold. The same trend is recorded for the transmissibility index based on cases with hospitalization: Rt a 1, 01 to 11 January, compared to 1.2 on January 4.

The occupancy rate of beds in intensive care units by Covid patients is also stable, which is confirmed to the 17, 3% to 20 January, compared to 17, 5% of the last week. The employment rate in medical areas instead is increasing at 31, 6% , compared to 27, 1% of the previous week.

However, the ISS highlights that various Regions / Autonomous Provinces have reported problems in sending the data of the individual flow and it cannot be excluded that this week’s values ​​may be underestimated.

Which regions are most at risk

While the government is about to launch the new Dpcm with activities exempt from the green pass obligation (here the list of exempt activities is almost certain), according to what the Institute reports, 7 Regions are at high risk and 11 at moderate risk . The Autonomous Province of Bolzano is the one with the highest incidence in Italy, equal to 3. 468, 7 out of 100 thousand inhabitants, an increase compared to 2. 538 of the previous week. In second place the Autonomous Province of Trento with 2. 797, 2.

The highest occupancy rate of beds in the medical area is recorded in the Aosta Valley, with a percentage of 54 , 5%; in second place is Calabria with 40, 1%, in third place Liguria with 39, 7%.

The highest occupancy rate of beds in intensive care is instead recorded in the Marche region, with a percentage of 23, 9%; followed by Friuli-Venezia Giulia with 22, 9% and Piedmont with 22, 8%.

Orange zone from 24 January: those who risk

There are three parameters to be overcome at regional level to enter the orange zone :

incidence greater than 150 cases for 100 thousand inhabitants threshold of 30 % of beds occupied in ordinary wards threshold of 20% of the beds occupied in intensive care. According to the data, 4 Regions risk the orange zone on Monday 24 January , but as always the ordinance of the Minister of Health Speranza is expected (here all the rules of the orange zone in detail). To risk the change of color and farewell to the yellow zone are:

Piedmont Friuli Venezia-Giulia Abruzzo Sicily.

The hanging situation in Piedmont

Piedmont is the special observer, “but the definitive and official evaluation by the ministerial control room is awaited”, the Region said.

Despite an overall picture that shows a situation in “constant improvement” both in the spread of the virus and in the number of new hospitalizations, the Piedmont has exceeded in a very small percentage (0.3 %) one of the parameters for the transition to orange and this was evidently affected by the hospitalization of unvaccinated people , who continue to occupy 2/3 of intensive care units and more half of the ordinary beds, placing Piedmont as well as other Regions in Italy above the alert threshold.

This is what the President of the Region Alberto Cirio and the councilor for Health Luigi Icardi explained, reinforcing the thesis of the governors who ask the Draghi government to deduct positives asymptomatic hospitalized but for other pathologies and the overcoming of the color system, or at most the maintenance of the red zone.

What changes in the orange zone, only for the unvaccinated

However, it should be noted that entry into the orange zone for vaccinated people does not in fact carry any further restrictions. Virtually nothing changes for those who have the super green pass from vaccination or healing , but only for those who are not vaccinated.

For those who do not have a green pass , travel with their own vehicle to other municipalities in the same Region or to other Regions they are allowed only for work, necessity, health or for services that are not available in your municipality. On the other hand, movements from municipalities with a maximum of 5 thousand inhabitants to other municipalities within the 30 km remain permitted. , except towards the provincial capital.

Access to shops in shopping centers on public holidays and the day before holidays (except food, newsagents, bookstores, pharmacies, tobacconists), outdoor contact sports and participation in face-to-face training courses are prohibited.

Does Valle d’Aosta save? No red zone?

Good news for the Valle d’Aosta , which seems to escape the much feared red zone . For a week in the orange zone, this week’s data would place the Region in the yellow zone and remove the danger of finish in the red zone.

“The passage in orange, linked to a few cases, caused serious damage to the image to the Region” has the President of the Region Erik Lavevaz commented to the Adnkronos. This in a crucial season and for the whole winter tourism sector , “which has put in place a great job of preparation and great attention “.

This “swing” of situations, linked to the small numbers of the Region, is read by the governor, and like him also by the others, as a sign of how it is necessary to review the system of rules as a whole and move towards overcoming the risk areas as understood so far.

“We are moving towards a coexistence with the virus, which we can face with the experience accumulated up to now and with the indispensable tool of vaccination”, underlined Lavevaz.

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