Recordings: European cities celebrate the cruel attack by Hamas

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Demonstrations began in many Western European cities as a result of the Israeli-Palestinian war that has been ongoing since Saturday. In most places, the local Muslim minority took to the streets, where anti-Israel voices were often heard, and several atrocities took place. Clashes have occurred several times, in Duisburg demonstrators clashed on behalf of Israel and on behalf of the Palestinians:

Similar to this, demonstrations in support of Hamas began in London, the demonstrators often chanted anti-Israeli messages:

A more peaceful demonstration took place in Greece:

These movements caused great indignation in most countries, and many people are asking the authorities to ban similar events.

In addition to the Western demonstrations, there were also several demonstrations on the issue in Muslim countries. Thousands took to the streets in neighboring Jordan, where the demonstrators stood by the Palestinians:

In the past, they also demonstrated alongside the Palestinians in Turkey:

A new phase of the war between Hamas and Israel began on Saturday, when the Palestinian movement launched a surprise attack on the territories of the Jewish state. Tel-Aviv quickly repelled the attack, and now the intense bombardment that has begun in the Gaza Strip, it is expected that a ground operation will also take place. Both sides accuse the other of terrorism.

Cover image source: Uli Deck/picture alliance via Getty Images

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