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We are in the middle of the mushroom season, one of the best gifts of autumn , which we can collect in the mountains or buy comfortably in the greengrocers. In any case, what a delight when they arrive at our table to fill it with their delicate aromas and their variety of flavors.

Boletus, thistle mushrooms, chanterelles, chanterelles, trumpets of death … are at their optimum moment and a good way to take advantage of these wild mushrooms is by preparing a good risotto .

This dish , which tells the legend that an Italian cook invented to conquer his beloved at the wedding banquet, has many versions, but the mushroom version is undoubtedly one of the most popular.

In this recipe we are going to use the cheeses from The Laughing Cow , to enhance all the nuances of these forest delicacies and ensure a risotto with a creamy and delicate texture . The result is simply exquisite, shall we start?

Recipe for mushroom risotto wild Ingredients 6 little pieces The cow that laughs 1 clove garlic 1 onion 40 g butter 180 g of assorted wild mushrooms 50 ml of white wine 200 g of arborio rice 800 ml of vegetable broth Salt Pepper 100 ml of cooking cream Fresh parsley How to make a risotto of wild mushrooms step by step Peel and chop the garlic and onion and sauté them in a pan or casserole with butter. When the onion is transparent, add the chopped assorted mushrooms and sauté until golden.

Pour the wine, let it reduce, add the rice and sauté it a little to toast it. We continue stirring and gradually add the broth, which we will have previously heated, cooking the risotto over medium heat.

It’s very important Do not stop stirring the rice , every two minutes or so.

We continue adding broth until finished and the rice is cooked al dente , for which we will need some 15 minutes. The last ladle of broth can be added when removing from the heat, as it will be absorbed in the next step.

Season to taste and mix with the cooking cream and the chopped cheeses . We stir everything well until integrated and get a creamy texture, and serve the dish decorated with a little chopped fresh parsley.

Tips to get a risotto creamy and perfect Although it is reputed to be a difficult recipe, prepare a risotto buttery and firm at the same time is very simple. Of course, we must take into account some essential guidelines so that it looks good and does not become an inedible dough.

Following these recommendations or not makes the difference between culinary wonder and disaster, so take good note.

Before you begin The rice must be short and hard grain, which at the cooking releases the starch progressively, absorbs the liquid well and does not break when stirring. Among the Italian varieties ideal for risotto , arborio and carnaroli are the easiest to find. A sure hit. It is essential to have all the ingredients measured and prepared before starting the recipe, because rice does not wait and, if we lengthen the times, it will pass us. When cutting the mushrooms, the pieces have to be similar sizes to cook equally. If we prepare a risotto with some other ingredient that requires more time, such as pumpkin or artichokes, it is advisable to cook it before and reserve so that it is not hard. Cooking the risotto In the sauce, the onion must not brown , it must be transparent. We will achieve this by poaching it over a very low heat. You have to season, in moderation, every time let’s incorporate a new ingredient. Thus, the salt penetrates each of the parts, especially the rice, so that it does not remain only on the outside. The broth must be hot when dumped so that the temperature of the rice does not drop. When adding the first ladle, we must add only what is essential to cover the grain and let it cook for a few minutes. Then the broth is added from the sides of the casserole , so that it collects all the starch that accumulates. Better to use a medium heat, because if it cooks too quickly, the rice tends to separate; but, if it goes too slow, it can be sticky. As we already mentioned in the recipe, stir continually is key for the rice to release the starch and achieve the creamy texture we are looking for. If we use a wooden spatula, we will not break the grains. When mixing with cheese Remove the rice from the heat when it is still slightly firm inside, after a few 15 minutes, and mix with the cooking cream and the cheeses laughing cow . We let rest another 5 minutes for the rice to finish cooking next to the cheese. Lo We serve freshly made to enjoy its comforting creaminess. A risotto with many possibilities

East risotto with wild mushrooms is so delicious that we can continue preparing it all year round using cultured or dehydrated mushrooms. In addition, it serves as the basis for creating other exquisite recipes just by changing or adding an ingredient.

For example, we will give a more intense flavor if We substitute the natural cheeses from La vaca que rirá with some light cheeses with a semi-cured flavor or some light cheeses with blue cheese . Adding at the end some very thin strips of ham or bacon , grilled toasted to make them crisp, we will obtain the ideal rice to brighten up even the coldest and rainiest day of autumn.

Other seasonal ingredients that combine perfectly with this dish are chestnuts or apples , which are added to the sauce to give it a sweet touch . And, if what we are looking for is a festive dish, we only have to sauté some chopped prawns with the mushrooms and reserve some whole to decorate. Bocatto de cardinale!

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