Quick Fix: What can I do about the double diamond icon in Chrome’s address bar?

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As Chrome continues to develop – or, rather, as Google continues to tweak it – it’s more and more likely that you’ll find features you weren’t aware of or suddenly find yourself faced with an icon that means absolutely nothing to you. you. This happened to me recently when I noticed an icon that looked like a pair of twin diamonds to the left of the bookmark star in the address bar.

Chrome web page cutout with diamond shapes overlaid on the top left and a popup caption below that says
Chrome web page cutout with diamond shapes overlaid on the top left and a popup caption below that says

Your first question might be: what is that double diamond symbol? The second: what is a service manager?

I hovered over the triangles to find out what they were and was greeted with the phrase “the page wants to install a service manager”.

Thank you. Clear as mud. What is a service manager and should I let the page install it?

Quick fix

I clicked on the symbol and got a box offering to allow that site to open associated links and I was prompted to do so They allow you to deny, OR Ignore with Ignore as the default. I clicked Doneand the symbol disappeared. Nothing else changed, and from what I could find out from a little research, there was nothing else to do.

(Note: if you want, you can also click on the file Riding stables button, which will take you to the Protocol handlers page in the settings—more on that in a minute.)

Part of a Chrome web page with a drop-down menu that says
Part of a Chrome web page with a drop-down menu that says

Click on the double diamond and you will have three choices for how to handle the associated links.

The complete story

It turns out that these managers allow you to open a web service, like Gmail or Google Calendar, with a shortcut. For example, if you want your email links to be opened by Gmail, you can allow that handler.

However, when I clicked on the double diamond symbol and allowed it to choose the default Ignore option, Chrome thought I didn’t want to bother, which is why I never saw it again when I went to that site.

But let’s say you made the decision Do you want to associate Gmail with email links or some other relevant site with associated links. How do you find that functionality when the icon is gone?

It’s hidden in Chrome’s settings on the Protocol handlers page (mentioned above). There are two ways to get there:

Select the three dots in the top right corner of Chrome and go up Settings > Privacy & Security > Site Settings > Additional Permissions > Protocol Handlers. Or…Type chrome://settings/handlers in the address bar.

Regardless of how you get there, you can now change whether the protocol handler symbol appears when you visit a site by selecting The site may ask you to manage protocols OR Don’t let sites manage protocols.


Below these two choices you will find a list of all sites that are not allowed to manage protocols. In other words, if you previously clicked on that double diamond and chose Deny or Ignore, that site will appear in the list.

Now, if you click X to the right of the site address, you can remove it from the list. The next time you visit that site, the double symbol will return. You can then click on it again and make a different choice.

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