Putin said what would be needed for the peace negotiations

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Regarding the negotiation process, if the United States believes that Ukraine is ready to negotiate, then withdraw the decree of the President of Ukraine, which prohibits the continuation of negotiations

– He told.

Putin Antony Blinken he reacted to the US Secretary of State’s statement that Ukraine is ready for negotiations and will start them if Putin is ready to do so, but so far there is no sign that he “shows any interest in constructive diplomacy”.

At the beginning of October last year, in response to the annexation of four Ukrainian regions, Zelensky approved the decision of the Ukrainian National Security Council, according to which Ukraine refuses to negotiate with Russia as long as Putin is its president.

The Russian president repeated in Vladivostok that

Russia cannot stop fighting while Ukraine continues its counterattack.

He said that just as supplying the Ukrainian military with cluster munitions did not change the situation on the battlefield, neither will the delivery of F-16 fighter jets.

Putin believed that the leadership in Washington must show some results in the war in Ukraine by the time of the American presidential election, and he does not count on Ukrainian casualties. He added that the current Ukrainian leadership does not feel sorry for its citizens either.

Regarding the possibility of another mobilization, Putin said that

during the past six or seven months, 270,000 people voluntarily signed up for the armed forces,

which means 1,000-1,500 applicants per day who are aware that they will go to the front and may lose their lives. He reminded that 300,000 people were called up during the partial mobilization last fall, so they had a total of 570,000 new soldiers in the past year. Dmitry Medvedevthe vice president of the Russian Security Council, made an announcement on September 3 about the 280,000 soldiers contracted this year.

The Ukrainian General Staff said on Monday that Moscow was preparing for another partial mobilization.

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