Putin claims: the Russian dominance on the front is brutal

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The West plans to send 420 or 440 tanks to Ukraine. During this time, we produced or modernized 1,600 tanks

– stated Russian President Vladimir Putin during an interview on Saturday evening.

During the interview, the Russian president explained that they have a multiple superiority over the Ukrainian army in almost all types of weapons. According to Putin’s information, the Russian armed forces the number of armored personnel carriers is three times greater, and the air force is more than ten times greater than that of the Ukrainian armed forces.

The number of tanks of the Russian army is three times that of the AFU. In fact, more than three times. I’m not even talking about flying, there’s a tenfold difference

– stated Vladimir Putin.

As we previously reported, Russia dusted off its more than 70-year-old T-54/55 tanks in recent days in order to take them to the front, thus making up for the heavy losses suffered in the Russian-Ukrainian war.

The Russian president also emphasized that the Russian authorities are aware that the West wants to deliver a significant amount of weapons and ammunition to Ukraine, but the Russian military industrial complex is also increasing production. According to Russian information, the USA currently produces about 14,000-15,000 artillery ammunition per month, next year production may reach 42,000 shells, and in 2025, 75,000.

At the same time, Putin added that the Ukrainian armed forces use up to 5,000 projectiles per day.

At the same time, Russian production, the Russian military industrial complex, is developing at a very fast pace, at a pace that many did not expect. During the same period, Russian industry will produce three times as much ammunition as we are talking about, more than three times

Putin said in this regard.

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