Protestant TV reporters want to inspire others

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full screen Marina Ovsyannikova leaves the court on March 15 after being sentenced to a fine for her protest on a live broadcast on Russian state television. Photo: AFP / TT

The Russian TV journalist who protested live against the Russian invasion of Ukraine, invites other Russians to take a stand against the war.

In the midst of Monday evening news broadcast on Russian Channel 1 in Moscow, Marina Ovshannikova walked into the studio and displayed a poster behind the host’s back. The poster said “Stop the war”. Don’t believe the propaganda. They are lying to you ”.

The protest action made her famous all over the world.

Ovsjannikova was arrested and interrogated after the action and was fined approximately SEK 2,700. Although she was offered asylum in France, she refused to leave Russia.

Accumulated dissatisfaction

In an interview with the American ABC News program “This Week,” he describes his actions as spontaneous, while he has accumulated deep dissatisfaction with the Russian government for several years. The feeling is shared by many of her colleagues, according to Ovsyannikova.

– As soon as the war started, I could neither sleep nor eat. I came to work, and after following the events for a week, the atmosphere (on Canale 1) was so unpleasant that I realized I couldn’t go back, she says in the interview.

He considered participating in a public protest against the war, but saw protesters arrested and at risk of imprisonment.

– I decided to do something else, something more meaningful … and I could show the rest of the world that the Russians are against war, and I could show the Russian people that this (news) is just propaganda.

Inspire others

With her actions, Marina Ovsyannikova hopes “perhaps to be able to stimulate someone else to take a stand against the war,” she says.

Marina Ovsyannikova left her job after the accident. The protest “crushed the life of our family,” she told France 24 on Thursday, but she continued:

– We need the end of this war, the murder of a fraternal people.

Russian authorities have banned the media from describing the war in Ukraine with words such as “war”, “offensive” or “invasion”. Only official information from government sources may be reported.


Published: March 20, 2022 at 5.30pm

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